Caring about someone who struggles with addition is difficult and often very frustrating. You know this person’s heart and see his/her potential. You may personally have been disappointed or hurt by this person’s choices, often for years. You may be tempted to give up . . . don’t. There is hope.

The decision to enter a recovery program is ultimately up to the individual alone. But you can influence someone you care about to consider a program like Green Oak Ranch. The right words from you, and those who love him/her, could make a big difference. Please check out the resource below for help and ideas about how to confront this person. If you need additional support, you can call or email us at [email protected] or call 760.727.0251.


Green Oak Ranch is a Christian recovery program. We believe success in recovery depends on a connection to our Creator. Bible studies, prayer and other Christian elements are central to the program. We invite residents to consider a relationship with Jesus. However, people from all faith backgrounds are welcome at the Ranch and conformity to a particular religion is not required.




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