Caring about someone who struggles with addition is difficult and often very frustrating. You know this person’s heart and see his/her potential. You may personally have been disappointed or hurt by this person’s choices, often for years. You may be tempted to give up . . . don’t. There is hope.

The decision to enter a recovery program is ultimately up to the individual alone. But you can influence someone you care about to consider a program like Green Oak Ranch. The right words from you, and those who love him/her, could make a big difference. Please check out the resource below for help and ideas about how to confront this person. If you need additional support, you can call or email us at or call 760.727.0251.


Green Oak Ranch is a Christian recovery program. We believe success in recovery depends on a connection to our Creator. Bible studies, prayer and other Christian elements are central to the program. We invite residents to consider a relationship with Jesus. However, people from all faith backgrounds are welcome at the Ranch and conformity to a particular religion is not required.




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