“When I went to jail in September of 2007, it was the first of 11 times I would be there in the next year,” said former resident Silver Garza. “The last time I got out, a day later I checked myself into Green Oak Ranch.”

“I spent years growing and selling weed. I was lost in a life of drug use far from God.  He said. “I knew I needed to give my life back to the Lord. And I knew I needed help.”When Silver came to the Ranch, he was finally open again to what God wanted to do in his life. “The day I got to the Ranch someone handed me a Bible. That was the beginning.”

Your life can change at Green Oak Ranch, but you have to want it,” Silver said. “The nine months started slow, but then they went fast.  Yes, it feels like you’re grinding it out at first. It’s tough and not everyone will make it. People come and go,” he continued.“But the Spirit is heavy at the Ranch. It’s a safe place and now it feels like home. God made a complete change in me.”

Not long after Silver completed his 9 months at the Ranch he felt a call to go on a mission trip to Uganda.  “I even had to get special permission from the county because I was still on probation, but I got it,” he said. “We went to Africa and it was an incredible time. Many people came to the Lord and I was pumped up to share the Gospel.” That was the first of many missions’ trips Silver has now taken all over the world. And God was preparing him for something else. Not long after his time at Green Oak Ranch and that first missions trip, Silver met the woman who would become his wife.

Today Silver is a framer, working for a contractor – a friend he first met during his time at Green Oak Ranch.  After completing Bible College in Dallas, TX, Silver and his wife Brenda, along with their two daughters Selah and Arrowlinn, are planting a church called Glory to God. “Your life can change. It might not happen when you want it. But it will happen in God’s time. Let go of your expectations. Release yourself to what God wants to do in your life and he will do it.”

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