What is it like to be in recovery at Green Oak Ranch? In 2009 San Diego film maker Maribeth Moy became inspired by the people and the real-life stories of recovery at Green Oak Ranch. Over the next three years Maribeth spoke with residents and saw the life transformation. Her goal wasn’t to present a candy-coated version of life or recovery, but to give hope, even in the face of the realities and challenges facing all who pursue a sober life. The result is the documentary film, “Finding Glory.” The movie provides a snapshot of life at the ranch during that season. And though some personnel and programs have changed, the film still gives a potential resident or family member a sense of the what it is like to do life on the Ranch.

In “Finding Glory,” you’ll meet several past Green Oak Ranch residents. You’ll hear their honest stories and discover the hope they found in Christ and in one another.

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