Director and Chaplain Chico Goff celebrates life transformation at the Ranch

The sun was just going down over the Ranch. Director Chico Goff was sitting on a bench with one of our program residents. A young man who had struggled with drug and alcohol dependency since his late teens. “The first few weeks I was here I felt trapped. I couldn’t wait to go back to my old life,” he said. “Now I realize that my old life was the trap. Here at the Ranch I’ve finally discovered true freedom.”

“This young man exemplifies why I’m here,” said Chico. We know that positive life change is within every person who comes to us here at Green Oak Ranch. We give them the time and space to encounter God in this special place. The stories of life change are remarkable.

Before he became the Director and Chaplain of Green Oak Ranch, Chico served as a Pastor here in North San Diego County. He has dedicated his life to serving God by loving people. His role at the Ranch continues to advance that purpose. “Life is hard. Like so many people here on the ranch I have also experienced the dark valleys of life,” said Chico. “For me, to help create an environment where people can discover insight, rediscover hope and find healing from deep personal wounds, is a real privilege.”

“Many recovery programs exist, and they are all helpful,” said Chico. “What we feel sets Green Oak apart is our beautiful, natural setting, the extended time that each resident has to unpack their issues, and our dependence on God,” he said.  “It took years, often decades of dysfunction and drug/alcohol use to bring someone to this point – it takes more than a few days or week for real change to happen.”

The unique recovery model at the ranch involves group meetings, spiritual engagement, work therapy, activities, and life in community.  “It is very common for our program graduates to credit the support of the other residents as one of the most influential factors in their recovery.”

“When we take the time to invite God into our lives and allow Him to work, change happens – pure and simple.” Said Chico. “We see God do amazing things here at the Ranch. Everyday brings a new story of transformation.”

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  1. Deborah Grinstaff

    Amen!💗 the ranch (the Lord )saved my life and God allowed restoration in my marriage and family… More than 12 years have passed and His blessings still cover me…

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