As an anniversary gift to his wife on August 26, 2016, Tom came to Green Oak Ranch to get sober for the last time.

“It’s hard to even remember the moment I became an alcoholic because it’s truly been my whole life,” says Tom. Growing up as a child in Texas, Tom had a solid family and a childhood he calls, “privileged” Yet from the time he was a teen he struggled with depression and by age 20 was a hard drinker.

The next 40+ years became a rollercoaster of alcoholism, broken relationships and short-term sobriety. “My first time to AA was at age 24.” Despite his drinking, Tom built a career as a successful IT director. However, it was a vicious cycle. “In the past as soon as I got sober I would go back to putting my trust in my career and my business success. And I would end up drinking again.”

In 1992, Tom met and married (wife) and they had two children. Their relationship was troubled, largely due to Tom’s drinking. Tom got sober again, with only occasional relapses but when Tom retired in early 2015, he felt lost and began to drink again. Over the next few months his actions and drinking escalated to the point that his wife asked him to leave and took out a restraining order. Tom ended up violating that restraining order when, with nowhere else to go he slept in his car in front of his house. The police came and took him to jail. Despite everything, his wife told Tom on their 23rd wedding anniversary that she wanted him to seek treatment. “I have come to believe that God has a plan for me, and Green Oak Ranch was part of that plan,” Tom said.

“I came in lost, questioning everything. I was full of sorry over all the bad choices and lost opportunities.”
Tom completed the nine-month program in June of 2016 and the restraining order was discharged. Tom and (wife) began reconnecting while he was in the Ranch’s 6-month transition program.

“Today I only put my trust in the Lord. I have real faith for the first time in my life.” In 2017, on his 25th wedding anniversary, Tom began a transition from Green Oak Ranch back home to be with his wife and their family. This was their first Christmas together in years. “God is amazing in his power of restoration,” said Tom.

“I have an inner peace now that I’ve never experienced,” he says. “Every morning I wake up and make a gratitude list. I have so much to be grateful for.”

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