To become a resident in the Green Oak Ranch Recovery Program, the potential resident must personally contact the ranch for five consecutive days indicating his/her desire to enter the program. Why is this required? This is not a ‘lock-down’ program. The men and women in our program are here because they are choosing to create a new life for themselves, free from chemical dependency. No friend, family member or other person can make that courageous choice, nor will they be here doing the work.

This first step helps a potential resident demonstrate his or her commitment to make a change. Often, just following through on this five-day process feels like a huge win for a person who has been struggling with addiction, and is the first step toward a new life.

Phone – Call 760.727.0251 for five consecutive days. If there is no answer, leave a message.

Email – Send a message to for five consecutive days expressing your desire to enter the program.

Letter – If you don’t have access to either phone or email, you can send letters for five consecutive days to 1237 Green Oak Rd, Vista, CA 92081. Please provide a method for us to contact you so we can set up the admissions interview.

After the fifth day, you will be contacted to set up an admissions interview. If the potential resident is local, the interview will be done in person. Then, If you are a candidate for admission to Green Oak Ranch, we will walk through a few more steps:

  1. Capacity – If there isn’t room for immediate admission, we will put you on a waiting list and stay in touch regarding availability. While on the waiting list, you must continue to contact us daily to demonstrate his/her continued interest in the program.
  2. Background Check – In addition to our Recovery Program, Green Oak Ranch also operates a public retreat and event center. Program residents voluntarily enter into a work therapy program serving in essential operational roles on the property. Everyone (staff and residents alike) who lives or works at Green Oak Ranch undergoes an extensive criminal background check. While we believe all people deserve the chance to change, if you have history of violent, predatory, arson-related or sexual offenses, or crimes against children, you are not a candidate for the Green Oak Ranch Recovery Program. However, please contact us for a referral to another program.
  3. Detox – Green Oak Ranch is not a medical detox facility. We have several local partners who specialize in drug and alcohol detox. We will help you make arrangements to enter one of those facilities for detox prior to your admission to Green Oak Ranch
  4. Testing – Residents must be 100% clean upon admission. Residents must also agree to drug/alcohol testing at any time during their stay, and upon returning to the Ranch from any offsite visit.
  5. Christ-Centered Program – Green Oak Ranch is a Christian recovery program. We believe success in recovery depends on a connection to our Creator. Bible studies, prayer and other Christian elements are central to the program. We invite residents to consider a relationship with Jesus. However, people from all faith backgrounds are welcome at the Ranch and conformity to a particular religion is not required.




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