Green Oak Ranch is a historic camp in Vista, California where people have always discovered help, hope, and personal transformation. Read about our rich history.

Today Green Oak Ranch is home to two complementary programs; the Green Oak Ranch Retreat and Event Center and the Green Oak Ranch Residential Recovery Program. We are a Christian organization, striving to reflect God’s love to all who come through our gates. We serve churches, community groups, businesses, families and individuals from throughout the community. Events and groups hosted at the Ranch do not need to be Christian or religious provided they are not counter to the overall mission of the Ranch. We are an alcohol-free venue.

Uniquely Accessible

Only Green Oak Ranch offers the experience of an isolated, mountain retreat within 5 minutes of a major freeway. The Ranch is less than 30 minutes from anywhere in North San Diego County and an hour or less from almost anywhere in San Diego County.

Uniquely Affordable

The Green Oak Ranch Recovery Program offers a deeply subsidized price which is possible due to the generous support of our donors and because program residents voluntarily participate in work-therapy that includes 30-35 hours per week serving in various roles supporting the operation of the ranch. Learn more about our costs.

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